To have even more fun with the Otto Grill we created a small selection of tutorial and recipe videos. We want to show you how you can step up your grilling game and become a professional steak griller with the Otto Grill. So that your favorite steakhouse will be your own house.

Grill Tutorial

How to correctly unbox your Otto Grill

Unbox and start grilling! Only a few grips and you can ignite the Otto Grill.

Grill Tutorial

How to clean your Otto Grill

After grilling there is cleaning. We show you how you can easily clean your Otto Grill. So your grill will stay young forever. More information you will find in our blog post “Cleaning your infrared gas grill”.

Grill Tutorial

How to connect the gas hose and ignite the Otto Grill

We will show you how to set up your Otto Grill. From the connection of the gas hose with pressure reducer to firing up your grill with the safe piezo ignition.

Grill Tutorial

How to grill the perfect steak with the Otto Grill

From now on we guarantee steakhouse caliber steaks! With a golden crust while juicy, pink and tender inside. See how it’s done.

Grill Recipe

How to grill dry-aged meat

Otto’s guide to dry aging beef at home + how to grill this tender steaks!

Grill Recipe

Steak Fajitas

Otto’s irresistible recipe for Steak Fajitas on the Otto Grill – more than just rolled-up tortillas. Create your individual Fajitas with juicy Ribeye slices, grilled vegetables and homemade guacamole.

Grill Recipe

Grilling freshwater fish in Ottos O.F.B with a selfmade rub

Ottos recipe for grilling a whitefish from Lake Constance – rubbed with a composition of tasty spices. You can adapt this recipe for any fresh water fish!

Grill Recipe

Otto’s Christmas goose!

Crispy crust guaranteed! Getting a crunchy skin, while still keeping the meat super tender is the big challenge when preparing a Christmas goose – especially in the oven this can be really hard.

Grill Recipe

Otto’s venison burger recipe

Take care, deer crossing! This burger from the grill is unique. Intensive aromas of ground venison combined with the sweet note of cranberries and pears will make your sense of taste go crazy.

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