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Pat LaFrieda Series


What to put on a high-end steak grill? Only the best meat. Pat LaFrieda III is America’s most celebrated butcher. He serves numerous Michelin-starred restaurants and famous steakhouses. His name stands for unparalleled quality. For a long time he was looking for the best method to cook steakhouse quality steaks at home. When he first tested the Otto Grill he was thrilled:

“I love my Otto Wilde Grill: in, out and done. I’m always on the go and time is short. I was shocked at the results. This is the end-all in cooking a steakhouse quality steak at home.”

Nobody could judge the perfect steak better than America’s most famous butcher. That is why we have teamed up with Pat to create the Otto Grill “Pat LaFrieda Series”.

Unlike conventional grills, the Otto 1,500°F Steak Grill is capable of achieving the extreme temperatures needed to sear a steak quickly and give it the delicious, flavor-sealing crust you can otherwise only enjoy in a high-end steakhouse. The Otto Steak Grill brings high-end steakhouse technology right into your backyard.


At a glance

Other Grills

The perfect steak? No way! The temperature is insufficient to sear a steak quickly like they do in a high-end steakhouse.


The Otto Grill’s extreme temperatures create that mouth-watering crust on your steak that literally seals in the moisture and flavor.

Convection heat

Convection heats the air to cook and dries out your meat. Your grill has to be closed while cooking.

Radiant Technology

Otto’s Radiant Technology directly heats the meat eliminating the air-drying problem. It also allows for an open front design.


Heat distribution is disturbed by dripping grease, leading to flare-ups that cause uneven cooking.

OverFire™ Burners

Otto’s two OverFire™ Burners emit heat from the top. This prevents flare-ups caused by dripping grease and creates a wonderfully even crust.

Long waiting times

Long pre-heating and grilling times make your stomach growl. That makes grilling something only for the weekend.

5 Minutes

Steakhouse hot, steakhouse fast. After only 3 minutes of pre-heating the Otto Grill sears your steaks in a minute per side.

What you get

The whole lot of the Otto Grill Bundle

O.F.B. Lieferumfang

  • Gas hose with regulator
    3ft long gas hose with regulator – so that you can directly start grilling!
  • Stainless steel drip tray
    Moving Drip tray for collecting meat juices
  • Cast iron grill grate
    Solid 12.8 x 10.4in cast iron grid – enough room even for the biggest Porterhouse
  • Multi-purpose tool lever
    Height adjustment, grid allocation and bottle opener – all in one
  • Accessories package
    You buy your Otto Grill and Grill Cover – and Otto gives you the stylish Grill Apron for free!

Good to know

Front view Otto's O.F.B. Over-fired Broiler

Outer values

Size Width 16.7in x depth 17.3in x height 11.6in
Corpus material Stainless steel
Weight 39.7lbs
3D Drawing Otto's O.F.B. Over-fired Broiler

Inner values

Burner 2 separately adjustable radiant gas units
Gas type Propane
Ignition 2 piezo ignitors
Temperature range 1,500°F
Grid size 12.8 x 10.4in
Material grid Cast iron
Certification and security seal

Certification & Security

CE certified
Piezo ignition for both gas burners
Thermoelectric saftey valves