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Delivery Time: Estimated for 2nd quarter 2021

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What you get

Otto’s Grill Table

  • High quality materials
    100% stainless steel housing with double insulated hood
  • All the space you need
    Measuring 32 by 18”, the G32 features a spacious cooking surface. This will allow you to host a grilling party for an entire family reunion or the whole neighborhood.
  • 4 commercial grade burners,
    The G32 is powered by 4 commercial grade burners, which boast roaring power and can perform an amazing range of cooking styles. The quality of the casted stainless-steel burners can usually only be found in commercial appliances – they will last a lifetime.
  • XL-Rotisserie-Burner
    We designed an extra-long Rotisserie Burner to utilize the full width of the grill. This allows you to cook even the large meats like whole turkeys or suckling pigs to perfection.
  • Fatmanagementsystem
    Our Easy Clean-up FatManagementSystem make cleaning a breeze. It comprises 2 drip trays which easily fit a dishwasher, and are housed in a full-width, telescopic drawer. This enables you to remove and replace the drip trays without spillage, even while grilling!
  • Connected
    From your smartphone, you can see what’s happening on your G32 and intervene manually when necessary.

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