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High quality material

100% stainless steel housing with double insulated hood.

All the space you need

Measuring 32 by 18”, the G32 features a spacious cooking surface.

Commercial grade burners

4 commercial grade, cast stainless steel burners for roaring power! Stainless steel burners: each 4,1 kW (220 – 840 °F). Rotisserie-Burner: 3,5 kW (up to 1,100 °F).

GasBuddy System

Always know how much gas you have left and when you need to refill.

Meat probes

Included in the G32 Smart is a stainless steel probe that gives you full control over the cooking process. Reliable and accurate – the perfect core temperature every time.

Size & Weight

Width: 32 ” Height: 48 ” Depth: 26 ”

Height Griddle: 38 ”

Weight: 200 lbs


We designed an extra-long Rotisserie-Burner to utilize the full width of the grill.


Two drip trays which easily fit a dishwasher, and are housed in a full-width, telescopic drawer.

Really smart!

Let your grill automatically follow recipes or control each burner with your smartphone. No matter where you are.

Build your outdoor kitchen!

You want it bigger? Just add your modules of choice!

LED temperature control

Read out the temperature with LEDS which are implemented on top of the regulators.


Important: The G32 SMART always needs an electric connection while grilling!

Additional information


G32 Smart – 2 Doors, G32 Smart – 3 Drawers + 1 Door


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