Your Tailgating Guide

For beginners and tailgate masters alike, it’s always a good idea to brush up on your tailgating etiquette before hitting the game. Remember to share, eat well and have fun! Besides these three critical rules, follow Otto’s tailgating guide below to ensure the best tailgate grilling experience. It’s all about the food, the fun and the experience — oh, and the quality grill, of course.

Rule #1: Easy is always easiest

Plan on an easy but delicious meal. The number one of any tailgating guide. This means make it simple and enjoy your grilling experience as pure as possible. Think of easy tailgate food recipes like the best grill burgers and steak sandwiches, finger food, and one-ingredient classics like pure and simple bacon strips. The easier the better – less mess and more mouthful enjoyment.


Rule #2: Prepare your tailgate food

The night before the big game, prepare your tailgate food: marinade your meat, pack jars full of condiments, skewer your raw shish kabobs and prep your extras like onions, bell peppers, lettuce and mushrooms. All of this preparedness will create an easy, quick and enjoyable tailgate grill time. It will also significantly cut down on the mess and you won’t have to bring a knife – and, if you stick to finger food, you won’t even need utensils! Don’t forget the napkins, though.

If you really want to have a gourmet tailgate grilling experience, whip up some prepared dips before the big game day. Your tailgate buddies will be impressed and it will save any overcooked food – though, you won’t have any grill fails when you fire up your Otto Grill.

Tailgating guide tip: Remember to at least always salt your steak!




Rule #3: A tank full of gas

Just like your truck’s gas tank, keep your grilling propane tank full. Charcoal grills make up for a smoky and messy tailgate grilling. With the Otto Grill, you can keep it in the bed of your truck – no moving, no hassle, no mess. Make sure to check your gas tank (both for your truck and grill) before you leave the house! It would be a shame to come to the game prepared with food but not the right equipment for your tailgate grilling.

portable gas grill


Rule #4: Give some, get some

Sharing is caring and it’s even more fun with your fellow tailgate grillers. Share your food, share your grill, share your team loyalty and share the love. Tailgating is an intimate experience. It is about your community, friends and loyal fan commradery. Give something and you are sure to get something back!

If you love the Otto Grill as much as we do, refer your new tailgate friends to the Otto Grill. Give them $75 and you’ll get $75 worth of Pat LaFrieda steaks. Enjoy yourself and your new tailgate grilling friends!

otto grill free steak

Rule #5: Remember the moments

Take some photos and remember the moments! These are precious times to remember for years to come.

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No gimmicks, no exceptions, no fine print. Just sharing your tailgate grilling moments, receiving a little fame and potentially winning big. Tell your friends, share as many photos as you want and increase your chance of winning! Whether you tailgate at home or the big game, with an Otto Grill or without – we want to see you tailgate – in your element!

post tailgate photos #ottogategrilling

Rule #5: As cheesy as it is, enjoy yourself!