Nick Solares is what you would call a “professional carnivore”. He has over a decade of experience in the food space, with over a thousand published articles and many hours of video content. His blog “Beef Aficionado” was one of the pioneering food blogs. From 2007 – 2014 he wrote and photographed for the Serious Eats family, also writing the popular Steakcraft column. From 2014 – 2017, Nick worked at Eater NY as senior editor and restaurant editor. He was the host of “The Meat Show” for Eater Video and hosts now his very own show “Meat Life”. There are probably not many people knowing more about the science of meat as Nick Solares.


What Nick says about the Otto Grill:

“The Otto Wilde is the sniper rifle of grills, a single purpose tool designed to do one thing perfectly – sear meat with steakhouse speed and precision.”