In honor of all the wonderful mothers, Otto has curated the perfect Mother’s Day brunch menu. If you can’t think of any object worthy of your mother, the Otto Grill Mother’s Day brunch experience is the perfect gift to give to mom – the gift of time spent together eating good food. Below, you will find 5 easy to make recipes that will take only minutes to prepare but give you and mom lasting memories.


Grilled Carrots with Avocado + Mint

A colorful dish that encapsulates the summer to begin. Healthy, delicious and way too easy to prepare. These carrots grill up crispy and tender in only 5 minutes! You’ll spend more time monitoring that everyone gets a taste before their gone.

culinary grilled garlic carrots with avocado parsley and mint

Goat Cheese Bacon Bites

Two tasty ingredients become one: goat cheese + bacon. Buy your favorite goat cheese and wrap it in bacon. Then, watch it sizzle and serve hot! These snackable bites won’t last long but are the best way to convince everyone to sit down at the table. Make sure to serve mom first – she will want to try one of these!

bacon wrapped goat cheese with rosemary

Grilled Juicy Chicken Breast

The quickest chicken grilling you’ll ever experience is only on the Otto Grill! Not only are these chicken breasts done in 5 minutes, they are tender and juicy inside. You have to prepare the marinade ahead of time – at least 20 minutes up to the night before. Think ahead, marinate and enjoy some of the best chicken mom has ever savored!

Spicy grilled chicken breast fillets served on a wooden cutting board

Gourmet Burgers Any Style

An easy and casual main course is always a delicious burger. Make mom’s burger a gourmet delight with these 5 recipes hot off the Otto Grill. Does mom like a classic cheese burger? Maybe she is into wild meat and a venison burger will tickle her fancy. If mom is more of a savory umami kind of gal – give her a special burger topped with tasty bone marrow. Check out this burger guide for the best burger recipes.


Otto grill burger recipe

Grilled Crème Brûlée

Aimes-tu ta mama? Of course you love your mom! Show her your sweet side with a tasty crème brulee treat to celebrate all the years she dedicated to raising you. To you, mamma!

Broiled creme brulee

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