No tricks. Only treats for your taste buds and a scary delicious Halloween feast with Otto’s special Halloween recipes.

Otto has come up with 3 special Halloween food ideas that will turn heads at your next Halloween party. So get that 1500 °F degree hell fire going and start grilling! And if someone happens to not like what you’re cooking… our Otto Grill can do meat pie too.

Happy Halloween!

Mini Bacon Bombs

The Mini Bacon Bombs are the perfect finger food and Halloween treat for your grill session. Succulent bacon, meets beef meets cheese meets jalapenos. Quick and easy and gone in seconds. Blow your guests away with this super delicious recipe and never worry about what to serve at your next Halloween party again. Kaboom!Grilled Mini Bacon Bombs

Otto’s Black Halloween Burger

Otto’s Halloween burger with a black bun to give your Halloween party that extra extra holiday vibe. Our red crannberry topping and green pumpkin mayo spread complete the costume and make this burger a real eye catcher.Grilled Burger from the Otto Grill with pumpkin, bacon, cheddar and warm cranberries

Grilled Pumpkin Crème Brûlée

Trick or Treat! This year’s sweet finale for Otto’s Halloween Grill Party is our Pumpkin Crème Brûlée. Perfect for the Otto Grill and with an incredibly delicious crunchy caramel crust, this pumpkin dessert will bring all the monsters to your table.Crème Brûlée with pumpkin and cinammon