For some reason, the best dad gifts are always a mystery. Either he has everything he needs or he needs nothing at all. Dad is concerned about everyone else’s needs. He takes care of the clan and he loves to grill up a meal – so, reward his personality and his passion with the best grill gifts for dad. Otto’s a dad, so he knows what’s up. For any personality type: sophisticated, innovative, protective or reliable, Otto put together the 7 best gifts for dad.

Check it out – the best gifts that are fit for dad’s best qualities and dad’s quality grill.

7 Best Dad Gifts For the Grill


1. Sophistication: The Otto Grill

Number one on the list has to be the perfect steak grill. If dad loves steak and you love dad, dad will love the Otto Grill. Sear for one minute on each side, cook for three minutes on a low temperature and he will be cooking up steakhouse steaks much more often. Perfecting his meat grilling skills got so much more sophisticated.

dad grilling steak on his favorite grill


2. Satisfaction: A Steakhouse Meal At Home

Already have the Otto Grill? Great, dad has everything he ever wanted. Or does he? Give dad the best gift of all: spending time together. Break bread and eat steak together – with a perfect ribeye and potato recipe, that’ll do. Give dad a steakhouse meal in the comfort of your own home. Fire up that grill and grill him a steakhouse steak at home. Find all the tasty recipes here. Candlelight optional.


3. Innovation: Grill Recipes

Dad’s a genius, right? He loves technology and innovation – or the idea of it anyway. Give him something to stimulate his creativity and broaden his cooking horizons. This year, gift dad grill recipes to add to his arsenal. The Otto Grill Book is an easily shareable Ebook with grill recipes ranging from succulent seafood to tasty fajitas. Inspire dad’s grill menu with the gift of innovation – the gift of recipes.

Otto recipe Ebook for dad


4. Protection: Apron

Dad is your prime protector but he also needs protection from time to time. Especially in front of the grill! Splatter protection is easy with Otto’s stylish and robust apron made with real leather straps for long-lasting quality. To keep dad grilling, give him the right kind of protection with this serious grilling apron.

apron best grill gift for dad


5. Reliability: Storage Box

Who’s the one you always rely on? Is it dad? Reliability goes both ways, so give dad a reliable way to store his Otto Grill and grill tools with the durable storage box. Sturdy stainless steel and heavy duty clips for a tight seal that will outlast any weather condition or any rugged outback excursion. Dad’s relying on you for his most reliable grill tool – the stainless steel Otto storage box.

storage box best grill gift for dad


6. Authenticity: Pizza Set

Dad wants a trip to Italy this year. Too bad, dad. Bring Italy to dad by transforming him from grill master to pizza chef with the authentic Otto pizza set. A real oak pizza paddle and pizza cooking stone for authentic Italiana pizza, every time.

best dad gift authentic pizza chef


7. Evergreen: Cutting Board

Looking for that evergreen gift? The one that dad will use ALL THE TIME. The one gift that will make him think of you whenever he uses it. Dad can always use a robust and rustic 100% oak chopping block. One cutting board is never enough in the kitchen – and for grilling, you are going to need plenty. One for meat, one for veggies and one for serving. Chopping blocks are always in need and always in season. Gift dad the evergreen grill gift of Otto’s oak cutting board.meat cutting board best grill gift


And don’t forget to keep his bottles ever open!

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