Here’s your grilled pizza guide for all your summer grilling! Transport yourself to Napoli for some of the most delicious grilled pizzas. Stick with the classics or venture out with some of Otto’s specialties. Here is a guide to your summer grilled pizza recipes.


1. Good Ol’ Margherita

A classic. Take a stroll down the streets of venice or roaming the Almalfi Coast while you wolf down this ooey gooey cheesy pizza topped with fresh basil. The classic margherita pizza is especially tasty hot off the grill. One of Otto’s favorite grilled pizza recipes, it’s gonna make you sing “It’s Amore!”

Grilled Pizza Margherita on Pizza Stone

2. Steak Pizza

This is one for the books. Otto’s steak pizza is by far the most decadent. Make the pizza and add your perfectly grilled steak on top! No need for frills here, keep it simple and allow the crispy, golden crust of your steak be the main event.

Homemade Pizza on the Grill, Fresh pizza dough, steak pizza recipe

3. German Pizza: Flammekueche

Yes, even the Germans eat pizza. This one is originally a French type of pizza called flambee in most parts of France. But in Strasburg, which is a city that has had a long history of being occupied by both Germany and France, German is still the dominant language and their pizza goes by the name of Flammekueche [flam-kU-cuh].

alsatian pizza, pizza on the grill, french pizza

4. Bacon and Goat Cheese Canapes

The name canape alludes to a Cote d’Azur beachside hammock, relaxing in the shade of a sunny summer day in the Mediterranean. And that is how these bacon and goat cheese canopes pizzas tastes: like a summer haven. Light, delightful and easily wolfable. These are meant to be smaller, snackable bites that are the hit apertif anywhere. Try them, you’ll just j’adore them!

grilled canopy pizza recipe

5. Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Try it. This is a favorite amongst those coasters in the U.S. In all the cities where gluten-free is trending, you’ll find cauliflower crust pizza lovers. Contrary to what you might think, it’s easier to make than regular dough: cauliflower, one egg and some cheese if you please. Yes, it’s a soft crust so it is a different take on a pizza. But, it is still fun to eat with your hands and puts vegetables into your junk food.

grilled cauliflower pizza crust recipe


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